Basic Education is compulsory and the right of every Filipino.  Basic Education starts from Kinder to Grade 12. In the Municipality of Malay, public schools are broken down into three different levels such as Primary School, Elementary School and Secondary School (High School).  Primary Schools starts from Kinder up to Grade 4 only.  Elementary Schools also starts from Kinder but extend up to Grade 6.  Secondary Schools starts from Grade 7 up to Grade 12. 


Primary Schools are located in the Barangays of Napaan and Sambiray. There are numerous Elementary Schools in the Municipality which are present in the following Barangays: Argao, Balabag, Balusbos, Caticlan, Cubay Norte, Dumlog, Manocmanoc, Naasug, Nabaoy and Yapak. Secondary Schools or High Schools are present in the Barangays of Balabag, Manocmannoc, Motag and Yapak.  All the Schools are accessible by roads.

Madrasah is also present in Balabag and Manocmanoc Elementary School both on the Island of Boracay to cater our Muslim pupils.

There is no Higher Education Institution (College/University) in the Municipality.


For queries on how and what are the requirements to enroll your children, please go to the school nearest from your home.